Cisterna Galeria

R. Antonio Maria Cardoso 27,
1200-027 Lisboa, Portugal


21 . Jan - 11 . Mar (Postponed)


Presenting works in different artistic languages, Paramnesia opens to the public at Galeria Cisterna on January 21st, with works by Ana Jacinto Nunes, Liene Bosque, Sara Maia, Sergio Lucena, Susana Anagua and Steven Day.

The delusions of memory are evoked in the first exhibition of 2021 through a set of works where blurred and repeated images (Sergio Lucena and Steven Day), industrial, historical, collective and individual memory (Susana Anagua), and flashes of unusual flexible skins, architectural impressions (Liene Bosque) converge to confabulatory narratives (Ana Jacinto Nunes and Sara Maia).

Fantastic and delirious, Paramnesia differentiates and torments as the result of a dissociation whose logical impossibility does not require the will of its subject.