"Materials that now lie in the dust may yet be worked up into a splendid construction"
Immanuel Kant, 'Letter to Christian Graves, 7 August 1783

"In reality the uncanny is nothing new or alien, but something that which is familiar and old - established
in the mind and which has become alienated from it only through the process of repression."
S. Freud, 'The Uncanny', (The Standard Edition, trans. 1953)

Night and Day, 2008

These photographs are taken in public spaces, within and nearby major cities, (new york, london, los angeles, and san francisco). The series explores urban practices through spectres, remainders through unplanned encounters with peoples, isolated and/or discarded objects, pets, architecture, signage, and vehicles.
The individual photographs are then re-structered in a single row, or a grid depending on the gallery space, allowing new associations and meaning.

Steven Day